Hannah Laine is a powerful yet gentle force whose spirit shines through in her voice and in the dynamic range of her songwriting. Her music is a rich, colorful spectrum - from soft angelic and ethereal, to fierce, earthy, and in-your-face strange. She embraces various human experiences and emotions in her lyricism - experiences of depression & anxiety, the evolution of human consciousness, personal growth and empowerment, and the liberation of the thinking mind into the here and now. 


Hannah grew up in Rockford, Michigan and began singing and songwriting at an early age. As a child, Hannah would sing and perform with her father Jeff Schroeder - a local educator and musician. She was also involved in dance and theater and later became involved in the church praise team and school choirs. Church played a major role in Hannah’s musical journey, but it wasn’t until she left the church to explore her own spiritual path that she really found her voice. In her early 20’s, Hannah began practicing yoga and meditation and reading books by Eckhart Tolle and Ram Dass. It was around this time that she was introduced to Erykah Badu’s music. She fell in love with the rhythms and emotion of neo-soul and felt deeply inspired and empowered by Badu’s lyricism. Over the past few years, Hannah has continued to study Eastern, African, and Native American spiritual practices and explore music from many different regions and cultures across the globe.


In 2017, Hannah released her debut EP “Cut Your Strings,” which featured Brian Williams (drums), Justin Avdek (bass), and Chris Bota (guitar). Shortly after this release, Laine and Avdek started the Grand Rapids-based Future-Soul group “Earth Radio.” Earth Radio has received awards for their first two albums: “Earth Radio” (2018) and “Mother’s Breath” (2019). The awards are Emerging Artist of The Year (2018), Best Jazz Album (2018&2019), and Critic’s Choice Album of the Year (2019). On August 21st, 2020 Earth Radio released their third album "Reanimate." The members are Hannah Laine (vox & keys), Justin Avdek (bass & sounds), Dutcher Snedeker (keys & synth), and Madison George (drums).