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Hannah Laine is a musician and vocal empowerment coach from Grand Rapids, Michigan, best known as the vocalist for the Future-Soul band Earth Radio. Hannah began singing and songwriting at a very young age, taking influence from her father who is a singer and guitarist. Throughout her life Hannah has found refuge in singing and songwriting as a way of healing and processing her life experiences. In her early twenties, she began practicing yoga and meditation, which sparked a more integrated connection with her spirit and her ability to channel it through her music. Her music is a rich, colorful spectrum that is fierce, angelic, earthy, and explorative. Skilled in piano, vocal improvisation, beat-making, layering effects, and looping, her abilities to create a soundscape or groovy bop are limitless. In addition to performing her original songs, Hannah frequently collaborates with breath-work coaches, yoga teachers, and dancers as a sound healer and with improvised vocal loops. She also works with many Michigan musicians as a vocal empowerment coach, passing on insights and tools to help facilitate deeper connections with and enhancement of their voices.


In 2017, Hannah released her debut EP “Cut Your Strings,” which featured Brian Williams (drums), Justin Avdek (bass), and Chris Bota (guitar). Shortly after this release, Laine and Avdek started the Grand Rapids-based Future-Soul group “Earth Radio.” Earth Radio has received awards for their first two albums: “Earth Radio” (2018) and “Mother’s Breath” (2019). The awards are Emerging Artist of The Year (2018), Best Jazz Album (2018&2019), and Critic’s Choice Album of the Year (2019). On August 21st, 2020 Earth Radio released their third album "Reanimate." Earth Radio's latest release Mosaic Dreams arrived on March 18th 2023, consisting of 5 tracks, two of which were written by Avdek, another two by Laine and the last of which was a collaboration between all members. Earth Radio is expecting another 5 track EP to be released later this year that was written as a complete collaboration on a retreat in Vermont. The members are Hannah Laine (vox & keys), Justin Avdek (bass & sounds), Dutcher Snedeker (keys & synth), and David Ward (drums).

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